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Finnish 4H Federation  - Key Facts

•Founded in 1928

•70,000 members, of which 60,000 young people ages 6 to 28 years (2013)

•3,500 volunteers

•234 4H-associations and the Finnish 4H Federation

•Politically independent


Group activities:

•The basic activity unit: 4H clubs (2,800)

•Volunteer supervisors (3,500)

•Unique pedagogical approach (TOP) (Dewey, Kolb)

•TOP competions supporting club activities


TOP as the instrument for entrepreneurship education in 4H

•TOP combines practical hand skills with entrepreneurship education.

•TOP refers to “Learning by doing”.

•TOP consists of 10 thematic areas and TOP tasks (1,400).

•A summary of the TOP thematic areas and their tasks is available at (currently in Finnish only).


TOP themes
(1,400 tasks)

•Gardens and green areas

•Forests and natural environment


•Home and kitchen

•Skillful hands



•Communication and interaction skills

•A job and your own money

•Environment and recycling